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Chinese Group Visa

Chinese Group Visa


Updated: 011/2008



What is a Chinese Group Visa:


1.  The Chinese  Group  Visa is issued to a tourist group organized by a travel agency which comprises at least five (5) members who must travel together both in and out of China.


2.  The Tourist Group  Visa is issued on a Group Tourist Form (a manifest is created by the Chinese Embassy) instead of on the individual passport as a visa is normally issued.




Documents to be included with the visa application:


1.  Visa Notification from any head office of the China Travel Service (CTS), China International Travel Service(CITS), or China Youth Travel Service (CYTS), or Chinese National Tourist Bureau, or any Chinese provincial Tourist Bureau.


2.  Completed Tourist Group Visa Form in triplicate. If there is any blank left on the name list, draw a straight line from the left corner down to the right corner in blue or black ink.


3.  Original passports which have been arranged in an order which is consistent with that appearing on the Group Tourist Visa Form.



Limitations of the Chinese Group Visa: 

There are limitations to the group visa that need to be seriously considered. The group visa provides no flexibility: since the visa is issued to the entire group any changes such as one of the travelers not being able to travel at the last minute would invalidate the visa and a new visa would need to be issued to the group before departure from the USA. The group visa also does not allow an individual who may want to stay longer or who has a slightly different itinerary to travel independently of the group. All must arrive, stay together and depart together.


The Chinese Embassy does not recommend this type of visa. Instead they recommend each person obtain a tourist visa which will allow them to travel independently as well as part of a group.


How to apply:


Please contact us so that we can provide you with the application, requirements and fees. Please write "Chinese Group Visa" in the subject field of your email.


Processing time and Application fees:


1.  Consular fees are $110 per person for American passport holders and $24 for non-American passport holders. Services fees are based on the number of applicants in the group. Please request a quote.


2.  The regular processing time is 5 working days. For express service, additional consular fees of $15 per person for 1 working day processing, or $10 per person for 2-3 working days processing will be charged.

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