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08/21/2014 - Belarus Requires Health Insurance for Travelers

For travelers entering the country of Belarus, the Belarussian government is requiring proof of medical or health insurance. You will need to present an official document that shows your health insurer’s name, contact information, your policy number, and policy dates. Your medical insurance must indicate coverage of at least $13,000 (USD).
If you are transiting, or merely passing through Belarus, by bus, you will also need to present this information.
Exempted travelers are those transiting by airplane or by international railways.
Need help with your Belarus visa? Passport Visas is here to assist you with Belarus visa service for either tourism or business. For expedited service or any timing that suits your schedule to travel to the Belarus, call us at 1-888-596-6028 or email us at Chat with our friendly representatives with our speedy chat program!

06/03/2008 - Belarus Visa Support Change

The rules of processing visa support for Belarus changed as of January 1st, 2008. Visa support is now available ONLY with a valid hotel reservation. The hotel reservation MUST be made through the company issuing a voucher and the invitation itself can only be valid for the duration of the hotel reservation. Belarus consulates in the US and Europe usually call the hotel mentioned in the paperwork to verify that there is a valid hotel reservation so it is vital that the reservation is made at the time of ordering visa support.

06/02/2008 - Belarus Holiday Closings

The Embassy of Belarus will be closed on the following days for official holidays:

-Thursday, May 01
-Tuesday, May 06
-Friday, May 09

Please choose your processing times accordingly.

06/02/2008 - Belarus Visa Processing

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The United States is cutting the size of its embassy staff in Belarus amid a diplomatic dispute with that country's government, the U.S. State Department said Monday.


"The United States will, with great regret, reduce the number of American staff at our embassy in Minsk by almost half, at the insistence of the Government of Belarus," State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said in a statement.


The State Department did not announce the number of cuts, but Andrei Popov, press secretary of the Belarussian Foreign Ministry, said staffing at the U.S. Embassy would be equal with the Belarussian embassy in Washington, which has 18 diplomats, Russia's ITAR-TASS news agency reported.


"Visa processing in Belarus is temporarily suspended," McCormack said.


Relations between the United States and Belarus have been tempestuous for the last decade, but they deteriorated quickly over the last month.


On March 7, Belarus recalled its ambassador to the United States and suggested the U.S. ambassador to Belarus leave that country. Belarus acted to protest U.S. sanctions against Belarussian oil monopoly Belneftekhim.


On March 12, U.S. Ambassador to Belarus Karen Stewart returned to Washington.


Then, on March 17, the Belorussian Foreign Ministry gave an "urgent recommendation" to Jonathan Moore, deputy chief of mission at the U.S. Embassy in Minsk, that the United States reduce the size of its embassy staff.


"The unfortunate actions by the Belarus authorities demonstrate that Belarus has taken a path of confrontation and isolation rather than a path of engagement and democratic reform," McCormack said.


"We would like a different relationship with Belarus, but that can only happen when the government of Belarus shows commitment to respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms."


Washington has been pushing for the release of Alexander Kozulin, the runner-up in the 2006 presidential election in Belarus. He received a five-year prison term for leading demonstrations against election results that international observers said were flawed.


The sanctions against Belneftekhim were meant to pressure Minsk to release Kozulin, as well as several other political prisoners.


The United States has long been critical of the iron-fisted rule of President Alexander Lukashenko, lending its support to the opposition and barring entry into the United States to members of the Belarussian government. He took office in 1995 and quickly consolidated power.


In 2005, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice called Belarus the last "outpost of tyranny" in Europe. A year earlier, the U.S. Congress approved American assistance for democratic political parties, non-governmental organizations and media and barred all non-humanitarian aid to the government.

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