Kenya Visa Processing Time Increased

The Embassy of Kenya has increased Kenya visa processing time.  Standard processing time of 5 business days, now 8.  Rush processing time increased from 2 business days to 3. Emergency processing time increased from 1 business day to 2.  Visa processing time increase is due to the volume of visa applications.  Visa processing time should return to normal later this summer.

The Embassy of Kenya issues visas at their discretion. Although unlikely, applications can be denied. The most common reason for rejection is an expiring passport. Travelers should check the validity of their passports. Renew passports that expire within a year. You may use a passport expediter to assist you. Passport expediters save you time.

Types of Visas:

The two most common Kenyan visas are tourist and business. Kenya visa validity: Single entry tourist visas are valid for three months. Single entry business visas are also valid for three months. Travelers may also apply for multiple entry visas. Multiple entry visas are valid for six months.

Some travelers may now apply for electronic visas. The electronic visa is issued online. Although processing time is similar there are more visa requirements. You will submit hotel reservations. You will upload passport photos and an itinerary. In addition you will upload a copy of your passport. Problems occur when trying to upload these documents.  The Embassy of Kenya continues to iron out the process. Many travelers prefer the traditional visa application process. A visa expediter can help with your application.

Kenya Tourist and Business visas are required to enter Kenya. However, the visa is fairly easy to obtain. Visa processing involves an online application. In addition, travelers will submit a passport and two (2) passport photographs.  You will also submit your travel itinerary. The Embassy charges a consular fee of about $50 US dollars.

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