How to Expedite a Passport

Passport ExpeditorThe fastest and most reliable way to expedite a passport is to use a registered passport expediting company. Passport Visas Express is officially registered with the US Passport Agency and can help you get your passport in a hurry. It’s easy to apply. We offer simple step by step instructions, expert customer service, professional application preparation, and expedited shipping.

View Instructions and Start your Order

We provide a set of instructions for the passport service you need. Instructions can be downloaded or printed directly from our site. If you have any questions about what’s required to apply, our customer service team is available to any of your questions.

Gather your Required Documents

Follow the checklist carefully to prepare the application packet your will need to send to our offices. One of the documents you will need to prepare is a Letter of Authorization. This is a form letter that authorizes us to take your passport to the US Passport Agency for proessing.

Send your Documents to Us

We recommend a delivery service which provides a tracking number to send your documents. You can use UPS, Federal Express, or USPS Express Mail. Overnight delivery is recommended. Do not use Registered or Certified Mail to send your documents as these services may be slow. Please don’t use First Class Mail (regular mail) to send us passport documents, as this is slow, and not possible to trace if your package goes missing.

We Submit your Application

Once we receive your packet, we will hand-carry your request to the Passport Agency. When your passport is ready, we will pick it up, review it for accuracy, and send it back via FedEx.

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