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Seychelles: U.S. Passports

ENTRY/EXIT REQUIREMENTS: A valid passport, onward/return ticket, the local address where the visitor will stay, and proof of sufficient funds are required. A one-month entry visa may be obtained upon arrival and may be extended for a period of up to one year. There is an airport departure tax of approximately $40, which must be paid in U.S. dollars. This charge is typically included in the cost of an airline ticket. Travelers should contact the Permanent Mission of the Seychelles to the United Nations, 800 Second Avenue, Suite 400C, New York, NY 10017; telephone number (212) 972-1785, for the most current visa information.


Information about dual nationality or the prevention of international child abduction can be found on our web site. For further information about customs regulations, please read our Customs Information sheet.


SAFETY AND SECURITY:  U.S. citizens should avoid crowds, political rallies, and street demonstrations.  It is dangerous to swim alone at isolated beaches, especially after dark, due to strong currents. 


For the latest security information, Americans traveling abroad should regularly monitor the Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affair's Internet site at, where the current Travel Warnings and Travel Alerts, including the Worldwide Caution, can be found.


Up-to-date information on safety and security can also be obtained by calling 1-888-407-4747 toll free in the U.S. and Canada, or for callers outside the U.S. and Canada, a regular toll-line at 1-202-501-4444. These numbers are available from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday (except U.S. federal holidays).


CRIME:  Petty crime is a problem, but violent crime against tourists is rare.  To reduce the risk of theft, travelers should keep valuables in hotel safes and close and lock hotel windows at night, even while the room is occupied. Hotels that do not have private safes in the rooms will usually have one at the reception desk.  Travelers are also advised to take precautions and not leave bags unattended on the beach or in cars while swimming.


INFORMATION FOR VICTIMS OF CRIME:  The loss or theft abroad of a U.S. passport should be reported immediately to the local police and the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate. If you are the victim of a crime while overseas, in addition to reporting to local police, please contact the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate for assistance.  The Embassy/Consulate staff can, for example, assist you to find appropriate medical care, contact family members or friends and explain how funds could be transferred. Although the investigation and prosecution of the crime is solely the responsibility of local authorities, consular officers can help you to understand the local criminal justice process and to find an attorney if needed.


MEDICAL FACILITIES AND HEALTH INFORMATION:  The 24 hour emergency number for all medical emergencies is 999.  Medical facilities in Seychelles are limited, especially on the isolated islands where doctors are often unavailable.  There is one government-owned hospital and several private clinics.


Recent years have seen an increase in the number of cases of chikungunya, a viral disease transmitted to humans by the bite of infected mosquitoes, and also of leptospirosis, a bacterial disease transmitted to humans and animals by exposure to water contaminated by infected animals.  For more information and information on current outbreaks, please see the CDC's fact sheets on chikungunya at and on leptospirosis at


Information on vaccinations and other health precautions, such as safe food and water precautions and insect bite protection, may be obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's hotline for international travelers at 1-877-FYI-TRIP (1-877-394-8747) or via the CDC's web site at For information about outbreaks of infectious diseases abroad consult the World Health Organization's (WHO) web site at  Further health information for travelers is available at


MEDICAL INSURANCE:  The Department of State strongly urges Americans to consult with their medical insurance company prior to traveling abroad to confirm whether their policy applies overseas and whether it will cover emergency expenses such as a medical evacuation.  Please see our information on medical insurance overseas.


TRAFFIC SAFETY AND ROAD CONDITIONS:  While in a foreign country, U.S. citizens may encounter road conditions that differ significantly from those in the United States. The information below concerning Seychelles is provided for general reference only and may not be totally accurate in a particular location or circumstance.


In Seychelles, one drives on the left side of the street. Roads are generally well maintained but are narrow and winding. Drivers should exercise caution due to a lack of shoulders and inadequate street lighting. Speed limits range from 25 to 50 miles an hour. Drivers and front seat passengers are required to wear seat belts. There are no laws regarding child safety seats.


Public transportation by bus is good but tends to be crowded during rush hours and usually requires several transfers to reach a desired destination. Taxis are also available.


The Seychelles Ministry of Health operates an ambulance service on the islands of Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue that can be contacted by dialing 999. Assistance on the more remote islands is limited. For more information, contact the Ministry of Health at P.O. Box 52, Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles; telephone (248) 388 000; email:


For specific information concerning Seychelles driving permits, vehicle inspection, road tax and mandatory insurance, contact the Seychelles Ministry of Tourism via email at or the Seychelles Tourism Marketing Authority via email at


AVIATION SAFETY OVERSIGHT:  As there is no direct commercial air service to the United States by carriers registered in Seychelles, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has not assessed Seychelles' Civil Aviation Authority for compliance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) aviation safety standards. For more information, travelers may visit the FAA's web site at


SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES:  Due to strict laws regulating foreign exchange, all visitors are required to settle bills for tourism-related services in foreign currency, i.e., U.S. Dollars, Pounds Sterling, Euros, etc.  Generally, cash, traveler's checks, and some credit cards are accepted.  This regulation applies to all hotel, restaurant, car/driver rental, tours, boat charters, and scuba diving charges, as well as purchases in shops.  Bills for taxis and other incidentals may be settled in Seychellois rupees but it is advisable to inquire prior to engaging services.


Visitors should note that automatic teller machines (ATMs) only distribute Seychellois rupees, and the Seychellois government limits the amount of Seychellois rupees visitors can convert back into foreign exchange before leaving the country. Banks are currently authorized to convert 800 rupees back into foreign currency and will do so only upon presentation of an exchange receipt. It is advisable to spend all rupees prior to passing customs and immigration at the airport. It can be difficult to obtain foreign exchange while in Seychelles, so visitors may wish to bring some cash with them and check on options for payment of tourism-related services before arrival. Exchanging money on the informal, black market is a criminal offense. 


For more information on foreign exchange in Seychelles, please visit the Government of Seychelles' Central CBS Bank web site at


The Government of Seychelles prohibits wearing any camouflage apparel in the country unless one is participating in a sanctioned, military activity.


CRIMINAL PENALTIES:  While in a foreign country, a U.S. citizen is subject to that country's laws and regulations, which sometimes differ significantly from those in the United States and may not afford the protections available to the individual under U.S. law. Penalties for breaking the law can be more severe than in the United States for similar offenses. Persons violating Seychelles' law, even unknowingly, may be expelled, arrested or imprisoned. Penalties for possession, use, or trafficking in illegal drugs in Seychelles are strict, and convicted offenders can expect jail sentences and heavy fines. Engaging in sex with children or using or disseminating child pornography in a foreign country is a crime, and is prosecutable in the United States. Please see our information on Criminal Penalties. 


CHILDREN'S ISSUES: For information on international adoption of children and international parental child abduction, see the Office of Children's Issues web pages.

REGISTRATION / EMBASSY LOCATATION: Americans living or traveling in Seychelles are encouraged to register with the U.S. Embassy in Port Louis Mauritius through the State Department's travel registration website and to obtain updated information on travel and security within Seychelles. Americans without Internet access may register directly with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate. By registering, American citizens make it easier for the Embassy or Consulate to contact them in case of emergency. The U.S. Embassy is located at Rogers House, Fourth Floor, Port Louis, Mauritius. The telephone numbers are (230) 202 4400; fax (230) 208 9534. In the event of an after hours emergency, the Embassy duty officer may be contacted at (230) 253 3641. The Embassy web site is; e-mail


The U.S. Consular Agency in Victoria, Seychelles is open to U.S. citizens Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8:30 to 12:30. U.S. citizens are able to obtain passport applications, Social Security applications, and consular report of birth applications there. The U.S. Consular Agency is located at Oliaji Trade Center, Victoria, Mahe; telephone (248) 225-256; fax (248) 225-189; e-mail:
consular The international mailing address is U.S. Consular Agency, P.O. Box 251, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles.

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