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World Cup Brazil Hotel Alternatives: What to Do When Prices Skyrocket

Although Brazilian airlines are capping flight fares into Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, hotels in and around Rio de Janeiro, where the final match will take place, have not necessarily done so. With only 54,000 beds to accommodate a predicted 110,000 fans, all sources report that there is already a shortage of rooms available despite the high prices and only more fans to come.

With your Brazil Spectator VITUR TE Visa in hand and your flight booked, your next step is finding accommodations.

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If you’re willing to be a little adventurous and forego the standard hotel treatment, here are some hotel alternatives for you. They may not be cheap, but they are available, which is all important!

1. Love motels. This may sound off-putting to some, but love motels (also called love hotels) are a staple in the Catholic Brazilian tradition, for young lovers who still live at home or couples looking to refresh their relationship. They do not have the same reputation as they do in the United States—these establishments are viewed with affection by men and women alike.

Six thousand such rooms are being redecorated for a more sports-appropriate, family-friendly look. That means they’ll work and appear as your standard hotel room, though perhaps even cleaner, since they’re sterilized after every stay!

2. Favelas. Favela, or the hilly settlements surrounding Rio de Janeiro are known for violent drug wars but have in recent years been scoured in a massive “pacification” by the police in anticipation for the World Cup games. While the police methods have been criticized, families living in the favelas suddenly have a new opportunity to support themselves: opening up their homes for futebol fans from abroad.

Maria Clara dos Santos, one of these hosts, says, “We can provide a level of human warmth and authenticity that places down below cannot.”

These housing arrangements are a bargain and often boast incredible views of the Rio valley.

3. Campsites. Whether you’re looking at resorts or your usual tent-and-sleeping-bag campout, campsites are offering good deals for World Cup spectators. Check out touring companies for more information. These are great options not just for Rio de Janeiro but also Barra da Tijuca, Salvador, and Pipa.

4. Airbnb equivalents, like Love Home Swap. Residents who are renting or hosting their homes for World Cup travelers may offer cosier accommodations than your standard hotel experience, in nontouristy parts of Rio de Janeiro.

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