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Who’s Playing Where in the Brazil World Cup 2014?

Trying to figure out which cities you’ve got to visit for the Brazil World Cup 2014? June 12 to July 13, 2014 will be some of the most intense weeks on the ground, with potentially snarled transportation and tons of crowds, so it’s a good idea to plan ahead on where, when, and how you’ll be viewing the games. Is it a priority to be a completist and watch all the games Group A plays? Or would you rather settle in for the key games in Rio de Janeiro or Brasilia?

Have you already applied for your Brazil visa and booked your flight? No? Still on the fence? Applying for your World Cup visa is easy at Passport Visas! Click here to apply for a Spectator VITUR-TE visa, the World Cup­–special visa that allows you entry to Brazil just for the games. When you apply for this Brazil World Cup visa, we will review your visa application and then hand deliver your Brazil visa application to the Brazilian consulate. When your Brazil World Cup visa is approved, we overnight it to you hot off the press!

Here’s a schedule of the games: who’s playing and organized by which city. We’re flexible to your schedule! Begin your trip by getting your Brazil visa application rolling by calling us at 1-888-596-6028, or emailing us at, or chatting with our friendly representatives!

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6/14: Colombia vs. Greece
6/17: Belgium vs. Algeria
6/21: Argentina vs. Iran
6/24: Costa Rica vs. England

Round robin
6/28: Match 49

7/08: Match 61

6/15: Switzerland vs. Ecuador (match 9)
6/19: Colombia vs. Côte d’Ivoire (match 21)
6/23: Cameroon vs. Brazil (match 33)
6/26: Portugal vs. Ghana (match 46)

Round robin
6/30: Match 53

7/05: Match 60

Play-offs for Third Place
7/12: Match 63

6/14: Uruguay vs. Costa Rica (match 7)
6/17: Brazil vs. Mexico (match 17)
6/21: Germany vs. Ghana (match 29)
6/24: Greece vs. Côte d’Ivoire (match 38)

Round robin
6/29: Match 51

7/04: Match 57

6/14: England vs. Italy (match 8)
6/18: Cameroon vs. Croatia (match 18)
6/22: USA vs. Portugal (match 30)
6/25: Honduras vs. Switzerland (match 41)

6/13: Mexico vs. Cameroon (match 2)
6/16: Ghana vs. USA (match 14)
6/19: Japan vs. Greece (match 22)
6/24: Italy vs. Uruguay (match 39)

6/15: France vs. Honduras
6/18: Australia vs. Netherlands
6/22: South Korea vs. Algeria
6/25: Nigeria vs. Argentina

Round robin
6/30: Match 54

6/14: Côte d’Ivoire vs. Japan (match 6)
6/20: Italy vs. Costa Rica (match 24)
6/23: Croatia vs. Mexico (match 34)
6/26: USA vs. Germany (match 45)

Round robin
6/29: Match 52

6/15: Argentina vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina
6/18: Spain vs. Chile
6/22: Belgium vs. Russia
6/25: Ecuador vs. France

Round robin
6/28: Match 50

7/04: Match 58

7/13: Match 64

6/13: Spain vs. Netherlands
6/16: Germany vs. Portugal
6/20: Switzerland vs. France
6/25: Bosnia Herzegovina vs. Iran

Round robin
7/01: Match 56

7/05: Match 59

6/12: Brazil vs. Croatia (match 1)
6/19: Uruguay vs. England (match 23)
6/23: Netherlands vs. Chile (match 36)
6/26: Korea Republic vs. Belgium (match 47)

Round robin
7/01: Match 55

7/09: Match 62

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