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Visa for Press, Media, Journalists for FIFA Brazil World Cup

If you’re looking for a Brazil visa for the 2014 World Cup games (June 12 to July 13) you’ve come to the right place. News and events for futebol, football, and soccer are waiting for your coverage, with the VITEM II-TE. Click here to apply.

This World Cup visa is intended for members of the press for the FIFA games in Brazil: journalists, media correspondents, photographers, camera workers, and similar. The requirements for going to Brazil are largely the same. You will need:

- Proof of accreditation by the press committee of FIFA
- A complete application
- Two blank pages to your passport
- One passport photo
- Proof of your address (copy of your driver’s license or utility bill)
- If you are not a US citizen, then a copy of your valid green card or other documentation.

If you are a member of the foreign press and not US, please click here for more information.

From the Brazil embassy: VISA FOR PRESS (VITEM II-TE)

Specific supporting document required: Proof of accreditation by the press committee of FIFA.

The visa can be extended to a legal dependent accompanying the visa holder, for the same period of stay, without documentation proving accreditation as “press.” Proof of relationship must be provided.

Have any questions? Worried that you won’t have enough time to take care for your visa? Passport Visas is here to help! Not only are we diehard FIFA World Cup addicts, we’ve been processing visas to Brazil for over 15 years. For your trip to the four weeks of pure football coverage, call us at 1-888-596-6028, email us at, or chat with our friendly representatives!


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