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Suspended or Delayed Visas to Brazil

Breaking news from Brazil’s consulates: The issuing of visas and other documents is suspended or delayed at several consulates around the country, effective immediately.  A combination of Hurricane Sandy striking the East Coast and other “technical difficulties” are the culprit.

These difficulties involve a security problem in Brazil’s mint, where visa vignettes, passport books, and legalizations seals are created. New supplies are due to arrive however, the consulates cannot precisely state when this will happen or when normal work can resume.
Please check back at this page regularly for continued updates. As we personally visit both the consulates and the Embassy Washington, D.C. we are able to provide you quick and accurate information. Given the uncertain nature of events, please contact us first to tell us your plans and we will do our best to serve you with the most current information regarding the suspension of service. Reach us at:
The changes in effect vary from consulate to consulate:
In Boston, MA: This consulate is currently closed due to Hurricane Sandy.
In Chicago, IL: Due to technical difficulties in worldwide Brazilian consulates, this consulate is not issuing visas, legalization of documents, or issuing documents requested by mail, for an unspecified amount of time. No appointments are accepted at this time.
In Hartford, CT: This consulate is currently closed due to Hurricane Sandy.
In Houston, TX: Operations appear to be normal.
In Los Angeles, CA:  No new visa applications will be accepted at this time. Again, this is due to technical difficulties in worldwide Brazilian consulates.
In Miami, FL:  Operations appear to be normal.
In New York, NY: Because public transportation is largely shut down in New York City, due to the hurricane, the consulate is providing onlyemergency service for Brazilian citizens. It is not issuing any visas at this time.
In San Francisco, CA: This consulate is not issuing visas at this time- effective for an unspecified amount of time. Again, this is due to technical difficulties in worldwide Brazilian consulates.
In Washington, DC: Operations appear to be normal.
Again, the length of these suspensions and delays is unknown. Bookmark this page, as we will keep updating and inform you of any changes.
With all this uncertainty, consider Passport Visas as your reliable guide to getting your visa. We aim to expedite your application process for you, no matter what the delay or limitation, with speedy, easy service to your next trip to Brazil.

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