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Brazil Visa: Journalist / Media


  Temporary (Media) Visa: VITEM-VI 




Submission to the Consular Service of two visa application forms per applicant, properly and completely filled in. Note: Every applicant must complete Item 21 of the visa application form, "Comments" (Purpose of Trip). In this section, the applicant must explain precisely what they are going to do while in Brazil. For especially complex trips, the applicant may submit details on an extra sheet of paper, if necessary. Each visa application form must be duly signed by the applicant (and parents must sign the application forms for those under 18 years of age), and must be submitted together with the following documentation:



• Passport with a minimum validity of six months (it must also have at least one blank page available for the visa stamp);


• Two recent 2" x 2" passport-type photo, in color or black and white, front view, full face, light background (snapshots are not accepted);


• Letter from the employer or sponsoring organization, on its letterhead stationary, specifying the nature of the job to be performed and the duration of the contract, as well as providing proof of assumption of full financial responsibility by employer/sponsor for the applicant's stay in Brazil.


• Recent (i.e., less than 90 days old) non-criminal record issued by the (i.e., applicant's place of residence) Police Department;


• A person under 18 year of age not traveling with both parents or legal guardian(s) must provide a notarized letter of consent signed by the non-accompanying parent or guardian, together with appropriate payment to facilitate formal authentication by the Consular Service of the notarized letter of consent and, as applicable, the guardianship document (proof of guardianship is required);


• Visa fee payment of US$ 160.00 per visa. 





• First arrival in Brazil must take place within 90 days from the date the visa was issued.


• For stays in excess of 90 days, registration with the Federal Police in Brazil is mandatory within 30 days from first arrival in the country (together with the passport, you must submit one original application form, that will be returned to you by the Consular Service).


• This visa is good for multiple entries, for the time of the visa's duration. If necessary, a visa extension may be obtained from the Federal Police in Brazil within 30 days prior to its expiration.



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