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Brazil Business Visa Type II

Business VISA: (VITEM-II) also known as a "Type II" Visa

Eligibility- Who should apply:


  • Business visas are issued to travelers who possess signed import/export contracts or who are traveling to visit companies, make commercial contacts or evaluate investment opportunities
  • Media coverage or filming
  • Flight/ship crew members not holding an international crew card
  • Adoption of a Brazilian child
  • Business trips, except when the trip involves the provision of technical assistance services of any nature (in which case a Vitem V is mandatory).


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Business visa holders are not allowed to engage in any activity under employment contract with a Brazilian organization/corporation.


You must enter Brazil within 90 days of the date the visa was issued or the visa is considered void and can no longer be used for entry.


If you decide to remain in Brazil beyond the 90-day limit, you can request a one-time extention of 90 days. However, your request should be made at nearest post of the Brazilian Federal Police Department at least 30 days before your time expires.


The time it takes to issue a brazil business visa depends on the consulate to which you are applying. Some consulates offer next-day processing while others take as much as 15 days.


Multiple entry visas:

  * Multiple entry visas have a validity of 5 years and a duration of stay of 90 days.
  * Multiple entry visas are issued at the discretion of the Brazilian Consulate and can be denied without reason by the Brazilian Consulate.
  * Consular fees are the same for a 5 year multiple entry visa or a 3 month single entry visa.


The Brazilian Embassy and Consulates are jurisdictional. Visa applications are accepted at the consulate based on the state the applicant resides in. Each consulate has slightly different requirements and processing times therefore you must choose the requirements for your jurisdiction in order to apply for your visa.



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