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Travisa Outsourcing and Your Visa to India

A few countries use visa management companies to assist them in coordinating the visa application process. India is one of these. India employs Travisa Outsourcing as the middleman to collect and return all passport and visas. If you’re looking to visit India, your passport will pass through their hands.
However, Travisa Outsourcing is not a visa service company, the way Passport Visas is. It is the agency who has been tasked with the role of courier by the Indian government. Applications are collected at the Travisa Outsourcing office and then courier to the Embassy for processing. Once the visas are completed they are picked up by Travisa Outsourcing and can be collected by you (or us!).
The bottom line: Travisa Outsourcing is the middleman that all persons seeking India visas must pass through.
What does this mean for you?
Travisa is in charge of collecting visa applications from applicants, passing them on to the India Embassy for processing, and then returning the passport (hopefully with visa) to the applicant. The idea is to streamline the visa application process but the method has its own difficulties, not to mention an added charge to the applicant.
Since Travisa Outsourcing is not a visa service it does not provide customer service. Therefore, it does not provide the following:

  1. Travisa Outsourcing does not review applications to insure they are correctly completed and that the appropriate documents have been submitted.
  2. If an application is incorrectly completed or there are problems with the supporting documents, the application is returned to the applicant and the consular fees are not refunded. Keep in mind consular fees for US passport holders start at $76.
  3. Much customer dissatisfaction with Travisa Outsourcing has been reported—check out Yelp reviews for some dismaying stories
On the other hand, is a service that acts as your visarepresentative.

  1. Approval: We preview your applications prior to submission to ensure their correctness. We work with you make sure your application is perfect.
  2. Expertise: Our experts deliver your paperwork to Travisa Outsourcing and represent your needs and interests during the processing of your application.
  3. Convenience: When the Indian Embassy approves your application, we send your visa to you via Fedex.

Basically, we do the grunt work so you don’t have to: standing in line and speaking on your behalf. These are all good reasons to use Passport Visas —and here are two more:

  1. Travisa Outsourcing does not offer rush processing for mail service, but because Passport Visas hand delivers your application we are able to offer rush processing for all visa types.
  2. And finally, the Travisa Outsourcing offices are jurisdictional—this means you must mail your application to the office that services the state you reside in. Passport Visas submits applications by hand to the Travisa Outsourcing offices keeping your sensitive documents secure at all times.

For a list of India visa types and which you will need, check back to our page for more information. Traveling to India has its complications—don’t let Travisa Outsourcing be another one! Passport Visas combines expert customer service and an affordable cost to get you what you need to take you where you need to go. Our fifteen years of experience means we’re ready, knowledgeable, and fast! Call us at 1-888-695-6028, or chat with one of our friendly representatives!


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