Yellow Fever Belt Area:

Countries Falling Within the Yellowfever Belt

Vaccination should be approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and administered at least 10 days before departure for South Africa at any yellow fever approved vaccination centers as the vaccine offers protection 10 days after administration. If vaccination is administered less than 10 days before departure, traveler may be refused entry.


Angola Liberia
Burundi Mali
Benin Mauritania
Burkina Faso Niger
Cameroon Nigeria
Central African Republic Rwanda
Chad Sao Tome and Principe
Congo Senegal
Cote d'Ivoire Sierra Leone
Equatorial Guinea Somalia
Ethiopia Sudan
Gambia Tanzania
Gabon Togo
Guinea Trinidad and Tobago
Guinea-Bissau Uganda
Ghana Zaire
Ivory Coast Zambia

South America

Argentina Guyana
Bolivia Panama
Brazil Paraguay
Colombia Peru
Ecuador Surinam
French Guyana Venezuela