Statement in Support of a Second Passport:

U.S. Department of State

Passport Office
Washington, DC

June 25, 2012


RE: Second Passport Request 


US Passport Agency,

I am an _____________(Profession) for _______(Company Name). Due to frequent and often last minute travel arrangements it is often extremely difficult if not impossible to obtain the necessary travel permits and foreign entry visas when required as I am usually abroad and traveling with my passport.


I, the undersigned, bearer of passport number _____ issued on (date) ____ intend to travel to ____________ on (date) __________ as well as to (country) _______ on (date)________. In view of restrictive entry policies of one of the countries I will be visiting or lengthy processing times to obtain visas for my current travel, it is impossible to complete my trip utilizing one passport. Moreover, to change my itinerary will cause undue financial hardship and is otherwise inconvenient.  


                   [If your reason for needing a second passport is due to security please state this in detail in lieu of the above explanation.]


Consequently I am requesting the issuance of a second passport to facilitate travel to the countries indicated on my passport application. I understand the second passport will have a two year validity and that I may renew the second passport at the end of the two year period.


Should either my 10 year passport or the second 2 year validity passport become lost or stolen I will report the lost/theft to the nearest Police Station, Passport Office or US Consulate or Embassy if traveling abroad.


I appreciate your assistance in obtaining a second valid passport.





Jon Smith
International Accounts Manager