Sample India Business Letter:

A Business Letter from your USA based company must be presented on company letterhead.

Corporate Business Letters must include the following information:

Visa Section
__(Embassy/Consulate)__ of India

Subject: Request for a multiple entry Business visa for _(number)_ years for _(applicant)_


  1. Detail (brief) about employer in USA: _________________
  2. Details of the applicant:

    (a) Name of the applicant: _________________

    (b) Designation (title) of applicant: _________________

    (c) Duration with the current employer: _________________
  3. Detail (brief) about the sponsor in India: _________________
  4. Relationship with sponsor and its duration: _________________
  5. Purpose of visit: _________________ (avoid these words: work, train, assist)
  6. Duration of visa requested (must match with currently available in applicant’s jurisdiction- 1/5/10 years): _________________
  7. Mr. ___(applicant’s name)___ will not receive any form of remuneration from any sources in India and will remain an employee of __(business name)__ in USA.
    Mr. ___(applicant’s name)___ will not engage in any activities in India other than stated in the purpose of visit.
  8. __(business name)__ takes full responsibility for the activities and conduct of Mr. ___(applicant’s name)___ national of ___(applicant’s nationality)___ during his stay in India.
    If anything adverse comes to notice during this period, we undertake to repatriate him/her at our cost.


Original Signature (electronic signature not accepted)

Name of authorized signatory