Russia Business/Humanitarian 3-Year Visa LOI Requirements :

3 Year, Multiple-Entry Business/Humanitarian Letter of Invitations should include the following:

1. The invitation must be drafted on the letterhead of the host company with full contact information
and the company's address, including their tax identification number and company seal.

2. Invitation must be addressed to the Consular Division of the Russian Federation in the United States
where you will be applying.

3. A short description of the host company, what is the purpose of the invitee’s visit (what the nature of
business at the host company and the reason for requiring a multiple-entry three year visa).

4. The invitation must contain the full passport details of the invitee (1st page, including sex), address
and contact information in the USA.

5. Category (business or humanitarian), type (multiple) and period of stay from dd/mm/yy to dd/mm/yy
(example 5 November 2012 – 4 November 2015 ).

6. Address of stay in the Russian Federation

7. Purpose of visit – Business, must be stated as “Business”, for Humanitarian visas - in the case of
uncertainty, the hosting organization should consult with the Federal Migration Service of the Russian

8. Places/cities to be visited

9. The invitation may be signed by the head of the international department, the Company director, or
any person who has been granted authority to act on their behalf. Along with signature, it must be
dated, and contain the signatory's contact information, position, and work phone number.

10. Such invitations from the organization or company do not need to be notarized. Invitation must be in