Minors Age 17 or under: Proof of Residence Requirements- India:

Minors (age 17 or under) proof of residence/address must be provided by both parents. In the case where one parent is the sole custodian then a copy of the court order indicating this is the case must be submitted as well.

Both of the applicant's parents must submit proof of residence/address. A copy of driver’s license or State ID with picture and address on it is the best form of proof. You may also send a copy of a utility bill (electric/water/gas) provided it shows your name and address.

Please note: the visa application asks for your "present" and "permanent" address. You must use the address indicated on your driver's license (or other ID you are submitting as proof of address) to answer both questions. In other words your "present" and "permanent" address as stated on your visa application must match your proof of address document.