Visa Information for China Form

Please download, print and thoroughly review the VISA INFORMATION FOR CHINA FORM now.  After you have gathered the required items and information please begin the online Chinese Visa application process by clicking on the link at the bottom of the ISLP page.  ( )

Please note: the application submission deadline for ISLP is May 1, 2013.


The Visa Application Form must be typed in capital letters- it cannot be completed by hand. Do not leave any questions unanswered. Mark N/A for any question that is not applicable.  The application must have an original signature in section 6.  Please read the instructions below for specific guidelines on how to complete each section of the Visa Application Form:

1.1   Full Name: Fill in your Surname: (Last name) Given name: (First name) (Middle name). *Please note that you must write your name exactly as it appears on your passport.
1.2    Sex: Check the appropriate box.
1.3   Chinese Name: Fill in your Chinese name in Chinese characters if applicable. This applies to those born in China PRC, Taiwan, Macau or Hong Kong.
1.4   Other Name: If you have a former name, such as a maiden name, fill in this information here.
1.5   Ethnic Script: Fill in your name in non-Roman characters if applicable.
1.6   Current Nationality: Complete appropriately.
1.7   Former Nationality: Complete appropriately if applicable.
1.8   Other Nationality: If you have dual citizenship, complete appropriately if applicable.
1.9   Date of Birth: Complete with year-month-day.
1.10 Place of Birth: Complete with city, state and country where you were born. If born in Taiwan, Macau, or Hong Kong enter city and CHINA.
1.11 Local ID: Fill in N/A or Driver’s license #
1.12 Marital Status: Complete appropriately.
1.13 Current Occupation: Check “Teacher or Student.”
1.14 Passport Type: Check “Ordinary”
1.15 Passport Number: Complete appropriately.
1.16 Date of Issue: Complete with year-month-day.
1.17 Place of Issue: Refer to your passport’s information page for “Issuing Authority” and complete appropriately. If a US citizen and no city name is listed as the issuing authority, write “USA”
1.18 Expiration Date: Complete with year-month-day.
1.19 Processing Time: Check “Regular” unless you have elected to pay for rushed service.
2.1   Purpose of Your Visit: Check “Tourism.”
2.2   Number of Entries: Multi-entry valid for 12 months.
2.3   Date of First Entry into China: Complete Appropriately with year-month-day.
2.4   Your Longest Intended Stay in China: Complete appropriately.
2.5  Residences in China: Complete appropriately.  Reference the hotel chart in the Enrolled Student information.
2.6  Who Will Pay: Check “Yourself.”
2.7  Medical Insurance: Complete appropriately.
2.8  Inviter in China:  Fill in:         China International Travel Service Head Office
                                                        RM 708, CITS Building, No. 1 Dogdan North Street,
                                                        Dongcheng District,    100005 Beijing, P.R. China
                                                        Phone:  +86(10)8522 8059
2.9  Friend or Relative: Fill in N/A
3.1  Home Address: Complete appropriately.
3.2  Home Phone Number: Complete appropriately.
3.3  Mobile Phone Number: Complete appropriately.
3.4  E-mail: Complete appropriately.
3.5  Employer or School: Complete with school address and phone number.
3.6  Major Family members: If married must fill in spouse information.  Fill in primary immediate family members only.  Do not add more than five.
3.7  Emergency Contact person: Complete appropriately.
3.8  Emergency Contact phone: Complete appropriately.
4.1  Prior Visits to China:  Complete appropriately.
4.2  Prior Visit to Other Countries:  Complete appropriately.
4.3  Overstay of Visa/Permit: Complete appropriately.
4.4  Refused a Visa:  Complete appropriately.
4.5  Criminal Record:  Complete appropriately.
4.6  Serious Health Concerns:  Complete appropriately.
4.7  Visits to Countries with Serious Health Concerns:  Complete appropriately.
4.8  Details for 4.3 to 4.7:  Complete appropriately if applicable or mark N/A.
5     Relevant Declaration: Complete appropriately if applicable.
6     Signature: Complete appropriately. You must return the application with your original signature and be sure to include the date.
7.1  Name of Person Completing Form: Complete appropriately if applicable.
7.2  Relationship to the Applicant: Complete appropriately if applicable.
7.3  Address of that Person: Complete appropriately if applicable.
7.4  Phone Number of that Person: Complete appropriately if applicable.
7.5  ID Type of that Person:  Complete appropriately if applicable.  (e.g. Passport)
7.6  Number of ID of that Person:  Complete appropriately if applicable.
7.7  Signature of that Person: Complete appropriately if applicable.