Invitation Letter from a Relative or Friend Format:

Please be sure the Inviation Letter is formatted as follows:

(A)   Personal information of the invitee: name, gender, date of birth, relation, citizenship, passport number, issue and expiration date.

(B)   Information concerning the invitee’s visit to China: purpose of the visit, date of arrival and departure, places to visit, relationship between the applicant and the inviter, and who will bear the cost of the applicant’s accommodations while in China.

(C)    Information of the host: name of the unit or individual, phone number, address, citizenship, passport number and if applicable, seal and signature of the legal representative.  

(D)   Photocopy of Chinese host's ID. For non Chinese host, please provide a copy of temporary resident permit.

(E)    The letter must state the validity and number of entries the applicant is applying for.