Homestay Letter of Invitation Details:

The Russian Homestay Multiple Entry Visa Letter of Invitation (LOI) must be prepared exactly as described- The Russian Embassy is extremely particular regarding the information and format they are looking for. Please carefully review the information below: 
  1. Notarized- the LOI should be written on the "Notary Form". This form is provided by the Notary. 
  2. Written in Cyrillic- the Russian language.
  3. Addressed to General Consulate of the Russian Embassy in Washington DC.
  4. Include the full set of details from the passport of the inviting person in Russia (the information page of the person's passport). If the person inviting you is not a Russian citizen then a copy of the person's Russian Residence Permit is also required.
  5. Include the full set of details from the passport of the person being invited to Russia (the information page of the person's passport).
  6. Indicate the category (Homestay), type (multiple) and period of the stay from DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY (example 5 November 2012 to 4 November 2015) to be applied for.
  7. Clearly state the purpose of visting Russia- be as clear as possible.
  8. State the cities and places to be visited- it is ok state the primary location and to indicate other places you may visit in the future.
  9. State the exact address you intend to stay at while in Russia.
  10. State the internal registration information of the inviting person.
  11. Other pertinent details
  12. Include the signature, dates, and contacts (references) of the inviting person.