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A Tourist Visa is required to enter Russia.

Our easy to follow step by step instructions will guide you through the process of applying for your Russia visa. Let’s get started!

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Order a Tourist Visa

Embassy Notice

When answering the visa application question "Visa Issuing Office," you must select "ILS Washington."
Russian Embassy will be closed on May 1st, 4th and 11th. Please plan your travel accordingly.
Order a Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa Requirements

Click below to access a Russia secure visa application.
You will be provided the address to ship your documents to us after completing your online order.

Russia Tourist Visa Fees

1. Russian Visa Application

Important- Please read before completing the Russian Visa Application Form:

  • You will need your visa support / letter of invitation to complete the application. *See # 5 below.
  • The question "Visa Issuing Office" must be answered by selecting "ILS Washington".

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Complete, print and sign the Russian Visa Application Form.

2. Russia Visa Application Password

In order to prevent delay(s) in processing your Russian visa, please include your application password. While not mandatory, having this information will allow us to electronically fix common errors and mistakes often made while completing the visa application saving you time and the possible cost of correcting the problem(s) yourself.

3. Passport: Valid, Signed (blank pages)

You must send your physical passport- copies cannot be used for visa issuance.

Please note: If you are applying for a multiple entry visa your passport must have two (2) blank visas pages side by side.

Your signed passport must be valid and contain sufficient blank visa pages- visas are stamps affixed to the blank "visa" pages of your passport. Amendment pages (clearly marked as such) in the back of your passport are not acceptable for visa issuance.

Your passport's expiration date must be greater than six months from the date you plan to depart the country you intend to visit. If your passport does not meet this requirement, you must renew your passport or obtain a new one prior to applying for your visa.

4. Passport Photograph: (1) Russia

You must provide one (1) passport photograph that meets Passport Photo Style Regulations regarding quality.

Please Note:
  • Your photograph must be full face, front view with a plain white or off-white background printed on photo quality paper.
  • Photo must be the same size as the box on the visa application.
  • Please attach the photo with glue. Do not staple the photo. You may also send it loose with your documents and we will attach it for you.

5. Russian Visa Support / Letter of Invitation

A tourist voucher issued by either a tour company or hotel in Russia who is approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is required. The voucher is commonly called "visa support" or a "letter of invitation". can obtain an official Russian visa support letter for you if you do not have one. If you wish to order visa support you will have the opportunity to add this to your order shortly. Please continue to place your order.

Why Order Visa Support from

*Please note:
If you will order Visa Support from you must wait until you receive it (via email) from us before you can complete the visa application. You will need to refer to the visa support document to complete the Russian visa application. You may place your order now and will be instructed to return to the Russian visa application once you receive your visa support from us.

6. Former Citizens of Russia or the Former Soviet Republics

Former citizens of Russia: submit a Certificate of Renunciation of Citizenship obtained from the Russian Embassy.

Former citizens of Soviet Republics: submit a copy of your old passport, even if no longer valid.

Please note: The Embassy may require that the applicant make a personal appearance for an interview at the Embassy in Washington, D.C. Personal interviews are not common however they are requested on a case by case basis and as such there is no way to determine if an interview will be required until your visa application has been submitted to the Embassy. 

7. Minors (17 & Under): Notarized Parental Consent Letter

Applicants age 17 and under: Print, complete and notarize: Russia- Consent for Minor to Travel Letter

IMPORTANT- (please read):
  • If both parents will be applying for a visa at the same time of the minor the letter is not required
  • If one parent will be applying for a visa at the same time as the minor the non-accompanying parent will need to complete the letter and have it notarized
  • If neither parent is traveling to Russia or applying for a visa at the same time as the minor then both parents will need to complete the letter and have it notarized
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