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People's Republic of China

Welcome to Passport Visas, the preferred visa service provider for the International Scholar Laureate Program (ISLP).

A Chinese visa is required to enter China and attend ISLP. A visa is advance permission to enter a specific country for a specific purpose. The cost associated with acquiring the visa is the responsibility of each scholar attending a program in China. Please read the information below so that we may best assist you in preparing for your international travel.

Please note: 
The application submission deadline for ISLP is
 April 13, 2019.
You must have your visa secured by May 3, 2019.

Non U.S. Scholars: Scholars without a U.S. passport please contact the Chinese Consulate or Embassy in your home country to learn about visa requirements and the process required in order to acquire your Chinese Travel Visa. Passport Visa may be able to assist non-U.S. scholars living in the U.S.A. Please review the Non US Citizen Chinese Tourist Visa page of our website or email Passport Visa directly for information and be sure to note you are with ISLP China. 

U.S. Scholars (Scholar with a U.S. Passport): As ISLP's preferred visa service provider, Passport Visas, will assist you in acquiring your Chinese Travel Visa.  Before you begin the application process please be sure that you have the following items: 

  • A current U.S. passport that is valid for 6 months after your return from China.  The passport must have two consecutive blank pages.
  • One recent, passport-sized and quality photo.
  • A computer generated flight itinerary of your travel to/from China. Note: do not send your actual airline ticket. (If you booked your travel with WorldTEK Travel, contact them directly.  If you do not have the itinerary- Toll-free U.S. & Canada: (800) 522.1733 / Outside the U.S. & Canada:  +1.203.764.1522, and via e-maiil at )
  • Letter of invitation from the host in China (Information on this letter may be found online in your online acceptance materials, If you need any assistance, please contact ISLP Toll-free U.S. & Canada: (800) 778-0164 / Outside the U.S. & Canada:  +1.203.764.1522)
  • A valid credit card to purchase the Chinese Visa and the visa processing service, this will require a parent or adult to authorize the online credit card transaction.
  • A printer available as you will need to print the application, order confirmation and application instructions. 

Before you get started please download, print and thoroughly review the VISA INFORMATION FOR CHINA FORM now.
When you have all of the required items and information please begin the online Chinese visa application process.  

Click here to begin the online China Visa Application process now.